How to Install an Air Conditioner

Things to consider on how to install an air conditioner

There are few inventions that have brought as much comfort to more people than basic window air conditioners. They made something that was once associated only with the wealthy to being something that could be accessed by most everybody. There is nothing quite like being able to walk into your home on a hot, humid day and get a little relief quickly from that type of weather. One misconception people have is that you just go to the store and buy these units and then take them home and slap them in a window. In actuality there is lot to do to install one properly. Here is how to install an air conditioner:

Area Prep

If you really want to … continue reading...

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Guide to Air Conditioners

During those dog days of summer there is nothing nicer than being able to flick a switch and cool yourself down in your home. Air conditioning really does add to the comfort of your life greatly. As with all the great products that are popular they come in all shapes, sizes, qualities and price ranges. Here is a quick guide to air conditioners:

Window Units

These are the air conditioners that made it affordable for just about anyone to own one. They are not only low priced but they also install easily and usually don’t require anything fancy to set them up. Window units typically take a long time to cool down a room and they are historically poor when it comes to energy efficiency. They also don’t hold up … continue reading...

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Different Kinds of Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are becoming more energy-efficient, quieter and easier to maintain and install compared to the units from just a couple of years ago. The following are the main kinds of air conditioner that are available today, along with the pros and cons for each as first reported by

1. Window mounted: this is most common kind of air conditioner. These units slide temporarily into the opening of a double-hung window. You can either purchase a unit that is cooling-only or a cooling/heating unit that also provides your home with supplemental heating if you live in a moderate temperature area.

Pros: Easy to install, works with your home’s existing electrical wiring, low cost.

Cons: Usually designed for double-hung windows only. If you happen to live in the northern part … continue reading...

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Air Conditioner Tips to Consider

Buying a bigger air conditioner for use in a room doesn’t necessarily assure you more comfort during hot summer nights. As a matter of fact, room ACs that are too big for a space they are supposed to be cooling will perform less effectively and less efficiently than smaller, and properly sized ones. This is because an oversized air conditioner will cool a room to the thermostat’s set-point before dehumidification can occur. As a result, the atmosphere in a space or room could end up becoming a bit uncomfortable and rather clammy. When thinking of getting a central air conditioning system for a room, it is advisable that you have a professional size it for you. Check out these air conditioner tips by

If you have an AC … continue reading...

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7 Ways That You Can Reduce Your AC Costs

According to the United States Department of Energy, heating up and cooling down your home can take a major chunk out of your utility bill each month. These are easy ways that you can cut the air conditioning costs in the summer months says

Shading Your Home

A lot of heat will accumulate in your home if it is directly in the sun, as it will hit the roof or come in through the windows. You can think about planting some leafy trees all around the exterior of your home to keep the sun from making its way through. If you have trees or shrubs that are able to shade your air conditioning unit, you will be able to boost the efficiency of it by around 10%.

Protecting Your … continue reading...

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The Advantages of Installing a Whole Home Air Purification Unit

The quality of the indoor air in your home has a direct impact on your comfort and health. A lot of people are interested in the quality of the food and water that make up their diet (the average person eats and drinks between five to seven pounds a day). According to, few people are aware of the impact the quality of the air they breathe (which amounts to 30 to 40 pounds a day) has on their health. In fact, indoor air quality can contain five times more pollutants compare to outdoor air.

A report published by the Lung Association showed that chronic lung disease such as infections and asthma and lung cancer were often caused by low quality indoor air. Indoor air can also be the … continue reading...

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Stand Alone Air Conditioner

The Pros and Cons of Using a Stand Alone Air Conditioner

There are few things worse than being hot and uncomfortable in your home on those long summer days and nights. You don’t feel like doing any physical activity and often times you have trouble sleeping too. Thank goodness that someone invented the air conditioner. If you don’t currently have an air conditioner but are seriously considering getting one then maybe you are thinking about buying a stand alone air conditioner. If you are, here are the pros and cons of buying a window AC unit as reported by


Let’s face it; there is no way that a stand alone air conditioner will ever be as efficient as one of those air conditioning units that is incorporated … continue reading...

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Split HVAC System

Benefits of a Split HVAC System

There are situations in your home where installing a large central heating and cooling system is just not appropriate for what you are trying to do or cost effective for it. Take for example if you are just trying to heat your garage or the new edition you built on your house; why would you want to take on the expense of putting a big HVAC system when there are perfectly viable alternatives? The answer to that question is you shouldn’t. One of the best solutions in cases like those mentioned is to put in a ductless split HVAC system.

What Is a Ductless Split HVAC System?

Just like the name implies there is no ductwork with this type of heating and cooling … continue reading...

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How to Install Air Conditioners

How to Install Air Conditioners in Windows

Air conditioners could just very well be the best appliances ever invented for the home; after all, there is nothing worse than being in a home that is stifling hot. Some people might say that the furnace is the best thing that was ever invented for the home but that’s not true because people can bundle up and stay warm even without heat. When your home is hot there is simply no relief unless you have an air conditioner. That is where window air conditioners come into play and why they are a popular choice among home owners. Check out these tips on how to install air conditioners:

Window air conditioning units have a lot of advantages over bigger AC systems to say … continue reading...

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